5 km/h Manifesto

For branding strategy through activism

5km/h Manifesto is a thesis paper developed with the purpose of stimulating change in the public space of Dubai and in rethinking the future role of architects. It is a slow movement, but part of a bigger process of change. After a critical analysis of Dubai market and urban context, the Manifesto tackles the problematical aspects of its exogenous public spaces that are a model of a virtual Panopticon of Social Surveillance forged by a set of Do’s and Don’ts : A Paranoiac Panopticon! In this framework, it aims to bring back the social agenda and activist role of the architect in the society and to spread awareness provoking people for their “right to the city” by recalling the qualities of the Arabic Souk and integrating them in a series of utopian urban interventions, zero volume devices that can potentially transform the city, and stimulate change in the public space ground, sky and regulations.


Public space


Dubai, UAE


2015 - Thesis project


Therese Chidiac

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