Based on the belief that there is a need to rethink citizenship and the political system in Lebanon and that architects can lead, not as ‘citizen architects’ but as ‘civic leaders’ designing activism and building a nation, this senior project was developed.

The Civil Military Concordance town is a prototype project composed of a training campus for young civilians and a military air force base located in a quarried site in Wata El joz rural area, Mount Lebanon. The project aims for an existence in duality and continuity. This was the case of the romans where the army camps became a foundation for urban nucleus, and throughout history, military bases became a foundation for island cities, in open territories, camouflaging in nature. In the Lebanese context, the project is a gated island town, introverted, spread along the territory as a prototype project able to adjust itself in different sites and part of building a decentralised nation of citizens soldiers and soldiers citizens. Which means, shifting the civil military relations and the government system to the revolutionary fractal constitution of open source governance, fractal as a median between state communism and monopoly capitalism.

Civil military concordance town

Mount Lebanon


2013 - Project thesis


Mount Lebanon, Lebanon




Therese Chidiac

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