Molecular urban strategy

Aiming to provide Leeuwarden with a new urban strategy as being the cultural capital in 2018, an urban experiment has been carried out coming out with a molecular urban strategy, a battery system for the city to plug in its public functions. Leeuwarden was envisioned as a central link in Friesland by introducing a public water terminal to the city. The Lo-fi Molecular strategy creates patterns and vibrations of flux, flow and process, melange and hybridity across borders and beneath surveillance representing a positive force of change in the public space meaning in the city. With minimal architectonic impact and high spatial public quality allowing for a new urban, new functions were designed: a water terminal, metro-boat infrastructure, floating hostels and a public park.


Mixed used


Leeuwarden, Netherlands


2015 - Design studio


Therese Chidiac

Yimin Xu

Diana Ranghetti

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